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Skin Boosters and Aquagold Packages

A luxury 24-carat gold micro-infusion facial device that delivers a personalised blend of ingredients into the skin via 20 hair fine micro-channels.



AquaGold Fine Touch is a step up from traditional microneedling procedures, dermal fillers or injections. It covers a larger treatment area and delivers healing solutions deep into deeper into the dermis (600-micron depth), allowing them to be absorbed more effectively than with a single syringe . Many patients choose to use the AquaGold Fine Touch micro-needling system on their face, neck, or chest.

Treatment benefits:
* Shrinks pores with micro-botox
* Smooth skin with dermal micro-hyaluronic gel such as Juvederm or Restylane
* Improve superficial acne scarring with micro-hyaluronic gel
* Enhance laser treatments with micro-serums containing growth factors
* Brighten skin with micro-pigment reducers
* Painless procedure with minimal potential short term redness
The device is made up of 24 karat gold needles, each smaller than a hair follicle . These nearly microscopic needles painlessly create very tiny open surfaces in the skin, delivering anti-aging and skin refining treatments deep into the dermis.

During the procedure, the skin is cleansed and the chosen solution or serum is inserted into the delivery device . The AquaGold Fine Touch device is applied to the treatment area and the tiny needles penetrate the skin, delivering the solution painlessly, without any bleeding . The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and involves no downtime or recovery, although some patients may see redness and slight swelling for a few days at the treatment site .
Solutions used with the AQUA GOLD Fine Touch system include:
* Hyaluronic acid (Restylane or Juvederm)
* Neurotoxin (Botox or Dysport)
* Growth factors for cellular renewal
* Pigment reducers

Results are seen within 3-7 days after treatment and typically last approximately 3-4 months . Procedure can be done as often as every 1-3 months, doing several treatments throughout the year will continue to improve overall appearance of skin.
This does NOT replace a normal botox or filler treatment ! It will NOT get rid of deep lines in areas such as the forehead, glabella, nasolabial folds, or marionette lines. It can be combined with a botox or filler appointment to enhance results .

Kim Kardashian AQUAGOLD facial treatment
Kim Kardashian looked stunning, her skin was glowing following her AQUAGOLD®️ fine touch™️ treatment !
AQUAGOLD fine touch treatment is available at our Clinics, here we mix custom solutions and add them to this individual micro channel needling device, with 20 gold plated needles, each finer than a human hair.
Kim refers to the treatment as the ‘Golden Cocktail Facial’, it is an excellent skin prep treatment for when you are attending a big event. The Golden Cocktail facial AQUAGOLD smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, improves tone, shrinks pores, reduces redness and evens out skin texture. This overall skin rejuvenation treatment leaves you with a healthy youthful glow.

Kim posted a video of her having the facial on all her channels, Kim described the facial as:
“I already feel like my skin is glowing, I might make this part of my monthly routine”

AQUAGOLD is a patented gold-plated needle system to painlessly deliver custom solutions into the skin at the ideal 600 micron depth. During this treatment we can deliver cosmeceuticals, vitamins, stem cells and nano-peptide active ingredients into your skin. The skin is rejuvenated and cells are regenerated at a deeper level. The skin is left glowing. We can even combine some botox and filler products.

Skin Boosters

For radiant, hydrated skin...

When we feel good about our skin, we feel good about ourselves, but over time our skin can lose its natural radiance. Now it is possible to boost your skin from within. Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ infuse a thin layer of micro droplets of hyaluronic acid beneath the skin surface, where it draws water and provides long-term deep hydration. You will get a refreshed and radiant look that lasts.


Why Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of your skin that keeps it hydrated and soft. With age, or due to a harsh environment, the hyaluronic acid content in your skin may decrease, and your skin may lose some of its elasticity and hydration.

Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ restores the natural composition of your skin. It boosts skin elasticity2 and you will notice a reduction of skin roughness3. Your skin becomes smooth and hydrated for a refreshed and healthy look.

RESTYLANE® Treatment Areas

Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ brings hydration and softness to areas that feel dry, that have lost elasticity, or where fine lines and wrinkles have started to appear.

Treatment areas: Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ can be used on the skin of your face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Clinical studies prove the lasting impact of Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™. Physicians reported Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ gave their patients smoother, more radiant looking skin.4

Your Treatment

Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ gradually builds up your skin’s hydration and smoothness. A typical treatment program starts with 3 treatment sessions, 2-4 weeks apart. You will notice an improvement already after the first session, but the full effect will be visible after the last session. After these initial treatments, a maintenance treatment is typically recommended every 4-6 months to ensure lasting results. 

How It Works

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that has a unique ability to bind water. It keeps your body tissues soft, hydrated and flexible.

Natural hyaluronic acid in the body quickly forms and degrades (in 24-48 hours). To make the hyaluronic acid in Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ last longer, for several months or even a year5, degradation is delayed by cross-linking the hyaluronic acid molecules.6 This way, Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ will form small “reservoirs” of moisture beneath the skin surface that will give you long-lasting hydration and radiance. 

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