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Light Eyes

‘Light Eyes’ has been hailed by Tatler and Vogue as “the best under eye treatment” and we may have to agree!

It is a specially formulated cocktail of hyaluronic acid, ruscosides, vitamin C and antioxidants which is designed to improve microcirculation, cutaneous elasticity and drainage in the periocular area.


In short, this treatment is perfect if you are looking to banish dark circles, puffiness and to rehydrate your under eye skin! The treatment will brighten the under eye area, giving you a youthful, rested look!

Who is a suitable candidate for 'Light Eyes'?

Anyone who has those problems under the eyes that make them look tired and aged, even when the rest of the face is young and youthful. Sometimes these issues are to do with ageing and the fat pads moving southwards but often they are found in very young women and are genetic and filler is not the solution. Essentially Light Eyes can solve:

  • Swelling/bags above and below the eyes

  • Blue/dark rings under the eyes

  • Dry skin and small wrinkles, often seen in premature ageing

  • Recesses under the eyes from loss of tissue elasticity

How does the treatment work?

Light Eyes is a special cocktail containing hyaluronic acid, ruscosides, vitamin C and antioxidants which when injected just under the skin surface improve microcirculation, cutaneous elasticity and drainage in the area around the eyes (periocular area).

It brightens the eye area, increasing circulation achieving a youthful and more tested look.

What are the ingredients in Light eyes?

It is a mixture of:

  • Hyaluronic acid – a fundamental component of connective tissue which enables skin to maintain its form.

  • Rosemary extract – An antioxidant rich in phytolipids, useful for cutaneous (skin) repair.

  • Superoksid Dismutase (SOD) – Strong antioxidant found naturally in the body and in many plants.

  • Argireline – Reduce the depth of facial wrinkles caused by the contraction of muscles.

  • Fermented papaya – With high carotenoid content that slows down the process of ageing caused by free radicals.

  • Chamomile extract – Anti-inflammatory and soothing action.

  • Ruscus and blueberry extract – An excellent phlebotonic, increasing the venous tone and reducing the excessive permeability of capillaries.

  • Vitamin C – Favours the formation of collagen, hyaluronic acid and intracellular substances important in the anti-ageing process.  Protects from free radicals and strengthens cutaneous tissues.

Will it hurt?

It is a series of very quick and small injections around the area being treated. It does sting a little and make the eyes water but is bearable.

Are there any side effects?

It is possible though unlikely, to have a mild allergic reaction to the product.

You can experience swelling, redness, tenderness, slight headache, pain and/or bruising after treatment, but these symptoms will usually pass in 1-2 weeks.

How many treatments will I need?

One treatment is usually enough but sometimes a follow up treatment is required to improve the area further.

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