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The non surgical rhinoplasty (15minute nose job)


A highly advanced aesthetics treatment carried out by experienced highly skilled practitioners.


We now have more and more options for performing non-surgical procedures. Being non-surgical it means less risk, less downtime, fewer side effects and yet with very similar results. 


The new non-surgical nose job using dermal fillers means we can do so much in just five minutes and with no pain. Surgical rhinoplasty, however, takes a month or longer to recover from and results are not always perfect. We have trained with world leader Dr ZackAlly at Derma Medical. 4 point rhino. 


Non surgical nose shaping, painless procedure using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, giving patients pure joy and happy disbelief straight after the procedure! A true wow treatment!


The main shift towards Non-surgical rhinoplasty in particular over plastic surgery are as follows:


It’s not permanent, it can be reverse

A surgical nose job is permanen

Far less expensive that the average surgical rhinoplasty 

Quick and efficient immediate results with little bruising or downtime 

Safe minimally invasive treatment


A good first step for those considering cosmetic surgery


Indications:- achievable & realistic correction

•Slightly crooked nose 

•Small nose that needs rebuilding

•Hook shaped nose that needs straightening 

•A mild to moderate bump on the bridge of the nose

•Flat nasal bridge



•Numbing cream applied for 20minutes prior to procedure

•Before photos taken 

•We use a thin needle to introduce a hyaluronic acid filler, the typical ones being Juvéderm and Restylane Perlane. 

•Through a tiny needle we inject the filler into the areas it is needed, almost like a sculptor. 

•Once done, we mould it a little bit, and finally give the patient aftercare instructions

•A full non-surgical nose job procedure takes only 10-to-15 minutes and the results are instantaneous

•After photos taken 


How long do the results last?


•The nose is a stationary object, so results can last as long as 12-to-18 months, and with repeat treatments, they can last even longer.


How safe is it?


•Juvéderm and Restylane Perlane, which is used in this procedure, is a biocompatible and biodegradable product which means that it is not harmful to the body and is broken down and removed from the body naturally. 

•These hyaluronic acid nose fillers come in the form of a sterile gel produced in the laboratory.


Are there any side effects


•Some injection-related side effects can occur including redness, tenderness, swelling and bruising. •None of these are ever very serious and they will resolve in a matter of days.

•The nose is an extremely vascular area so practitioners are very highly skilled to protect again accidental vascular injections. But fully trained in dissolving filler in both an emergency or day to day basis.


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