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Hair Model



Facial contouring 

Cheeks, eye troughs, Jaw and chin re-contouring.


There are many different levels of decoding the face, devising refers to anatomically analysing the face and bears relevance in the field of aesthetic medicine. 


At Flawless Transformation we look at the face not in one way but in 3 ways:-

1:Anatomic.... looking at wrinkled, folds and sagging said, treating these helps us to look younger.


2:Artistic.... looking at proportions, loss of volume and angles, treating these helps us to look more attractive.


3:Expressive....... looking at facial expressions, treating facial expressions helps to improve social interface regardless of age. 


We are trained to look at the golden ratio of attractiveness, facial symmetry and proportions, lifting and sculpting to enable harmonisation and overall better aesthetic results. Equally combining aesthetic treatments can maximise treatment results.... one size does not fit all. 


Looking at the cheeks eye troughs jaw and chin together results in a uniformed contouring effect that is both stunning and natural.


Giving ladies a curve of youth a more defined jaw and chin from every angle is youthful and attractive, giving the illusion of younger skin and a tighter complexion.


Giving Men more chiselled chin and square jaw, gives them a handsome youthful appearance.

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